Hello, and thanks for swinging by! Here’s a little bit about me:

I am a 25-year old wife and a mom of two. I’ve written song lyrics and the vocal melodies to them since I was in fifth grade and have penned lyrics to over 1,000 songs since. When I first started writing in elementary school, I was originally influenced by 90’s pop artists, then in the following years transitioned to more rock-oriented bands such as No Doubt, Garbage, and The Exies, and finally in high school I began listening to and being influenced by hard rock and grunge artists, my favorites being Dead Poetic, Soil, and Cold, and in that time I habitually explored a variety of music in many different styles of rock, piecing together the sounds I like and subconsciously adopting the emotional depth and, if we can be honest, depressing lyrical focus predominantly found within those styles. After becoming a born-again follower of Christ, I discovered Christian rock and post-hardcore and found in those my favorite inspirations for lyric writing and musical style– Ivoryline, Wolves at the Gate, and Sent By Ravens are the artists that evoke the most passion and inspiration in me. I really enjoy any style though as long as I can find something intriguing about the lyrics and vocal melody. My aim in the music industry is to begin writing music to my lyrics and then recording and producing my songs from within my home under an independent label of my own. After that, I will begin producing other artists’ works under the label and also just through freelancing. Through that, I hope to provide opportunities to talented and passionate musicians and writers to live out their God-given calling and bring their dreams and creative vision to fruition.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to get to know a little more about me! I hope you enjoy the content you find in this blog! God bless!